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On request



Standard Rates:

Double Page Spread €6,700
Full Page €3,600
Half Page €1,900
Third Page €1,500
Quarter Page €1,100
OBC €4,000
IFC / IBC €4,000



ABC January - December 2017

Distributed through newsagents nationwide.

246mm (W) x 206mm (H) - type area


  (Depth x Width)
Double Page Spread - Type area:  246mm x 436mm
Double Page Spread - Trim: 290mm x 460mm
Double Page Spread - Bleed:  296mm x 466mm
Full Page - Type area:  246mm x 206mm
Full Page - Trim:  290mm x 230mm
Full Page - Bleed:  296mm x 236mm
Half Page Vertical - Type area:  264mm x   86mm
Half Page Vertical - Trim: 290mm x 112mm
Half Page Vertical - Bleed: 296mm x 118mm
Half Page Horizontal - Boxed size:  120mm x 206mm
Third Page Vertical -
Boxed size:
246mm x   65mm
Third Page Horizontal  -
Boxed size: 
   78mm x 206mm
Quarter Page -
Boxed size: 
120mm x 100mm
Quarter Page Strip Horizontal -
Boxed size:
   57mm x 206mm
Quarter Page Strip Vertical -
Boxed size:
246mm x   48mm

Please supply it as a high-resolution PDF.  A printed colour proof must be supplied with the ad copy.

Please ensure that PDF files are compliant/exported with the Pass4Press Version10 Workflow.
See www.ppa.co.uk/resources/resources/ppa-production-resources

Supply copy by email or FTP to Noelle Kelly, nkelly@harmonia.ie

FTP details available on request.

On request

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