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Helen Carroll

11 issues per annum (monthly with combined issue Jan-Feb)

On request



Standard Rates:

Double Page Spread €5590
Full Page €3060
Half Page €2000
Quarter Page €1130
OBC €3860
IFC / IBC €3595



ABC (January - December 2016)

Distributed through newsagents nationwide.

270mm (H) x 192mm (W) - type area


  (Height x Width)
Double Page Spread Type:  270mm x 414mm
Double Page Spread Trim: 300mm x 444mm
Double Page Spread Bleed:  306mm x 450mm
Page Type: 270mm x 192mm
Page Trim: 300mm x 222mm
Page Bleed:  306mm x 228mm
Half Page - Vertical: 270mm x 94mm
Half Page - Horizontal:  130mm x 192mm
Quarter Page 134mm x  95mm

Please supply it as a high-res, print-ready PDF saved to compatability Version 1.3. A printed colour proof must be supplied with the ad copy.

All ad copy to be sent by disc or email.

On request

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