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Full Page  €3595
Half Page €1595
Quarter Page  €1195
Inside Front Cover  €3850
Inside Back Cover €3650
Double Page Spread  €4950


Publishers statement

Distributed by Dublin Port to all its clients using the Port, and to UK & Continental Ports and Shipping companies.

267mm (H) x 180mm (W) - type area


Page Trim Size: 297mm x 210mm
Size  Type Area  Bleed Size 
Full Page 267mm x 180mm 307mm x 220mm
Half Page (Horizontal) 131mm x 180mm 150mm x 215mm
Half Page (Landscape) 267mm x  88mm 307mm x 107mm
Quarter Page (Horizontal)   64mm x 180mm  84mm x 215mm
Quarter Page (Vertical) 131mm x  88mm 150mm x 107mm

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