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AdWords Express is designed to help local businesses that aren't already AdWords advertisers" says Google.

Adwords Express is currently available in Ireland on a trial basis. AdWords Express is like a stripped down no fuss variation of Google Adwords. It's a simplified, largely automated version of Adwords.

Adwords v Adwords Express:

  Adwords Express Adwords
Pay Per Click Yes Yes
Automated management Yes Yes
Easy solution for business without a website Yes No
Ads on Google Search and Google Maps Yes Yes
Ads on other related websites Limited Yes
Mobile Ads Yes Yes
Other advanced formats (eg Video) No Yes
Geographical targeting Yes Yes
Source: Google

Contact is conducted in a number of ways depending on the level of investment you make in Adwords. Initially, it will be online and if spending reaches certain levels, then more direct, phone and face-to-face contact will be initiated by Google.

1800 806 525

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App for iOS (Apple)
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App for Android

To advertise on Google Adwords Express you will need to set up an account to start, similar to a standard Adwords account. Accounts can be linked.

You can choose to manage this yourself or have an agency manage it for you. Advertising on Google Search is then managed through the Adwords dashboard.

For agencies, Adwords Express is accessible through the Adwords My Client Centre.

Cost Per Thousand
Cost Per Click

Google Adwords Express

· Search
· Audience Contextual / Topics
· Managed placements
· Demographic - Age and Gender

You can choose the bid strategy to buy either 'impressions' or 'clicks'.

Adwords will give a 'Suggested Bid Range' to start. This is based on the number of other advertisers competing to reach your chosen target. The bidding is automatically optimized for your chosen bid strategy.

You set the overall budget, daily maximum spend and time period.

Adwords - Ad Specifications

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