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Professional Social Network.
Linkedin is a free professional social network that allows users to create profiles and keep in touch with colleagues and classmates; to discover professional career opportunities, business deals, and new ventures; and to get the latest news and insights in their chosen field of business.


To separate the ads and billing from your personal account on LinkedIn you will need to set up a LinkedIn business account. To do this, you will need to set up a company page. To set up a company page go to for more information.

You may choose to manage this yourself or have an agency manage it for you.
Advertising on LinkedIn can be managed through the LinkedIn dashboard. Go to
1. Advertising2. Sponsored posts / updates from your company page.


Location: Choose the country to target
Companies: By name / by category / (industry, company size)
All: By title / by category (job function, seniority)
School: All / by school name
Skills: All / by skill name
Group: All / by group name
Gender  All / Male, Female 
Age All / 18-24, 25-34, 35-54, 55+

In addition, to the LinkedIn website you can choose to run your ads on the 'LinkedIn Audience Network' which is made up of high end publisher websites including New York Times, Business Week and CNBC.

The reach or distribution of ads on LinkedIn is determined by a number of factors including target, competition, ad performance history and your bid.
You can choose the bid strategy to buy either 'impressions' or 'clicks'.
LinkedIn will give a 'Suggested Bid Range' to start based on your selected targeting parameters and competition for the target.
You set the overall budget, daily maximum spend and time period.

Lead Collection: This option allows you to include a Request Contact' button with your ad. When users click your ad they will see a 'lead collection bar' above your website name that prompts them to request a contact from you.

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